Yoga Mat Makeover #1: Empty Yoga Mat

Is your yoga mat lonely because you're full of reasons not to practice?

Here's a simple fix!

It happens: you're too busy to get to a yoga class. Or, you just got home from work and you don't feel like changing into your workout clothes. Other times, you bought that mat and it's sitting in your closet...because secretly, you wonder if yoga will work for you.

Chair Yoga is For All Occasions

Chairs make the benefits of yoga available to you, no matter your level of flexibility or mobility. Additionally, they offer you the ability to practice yoga anytime, anywhere: 

  • Close the office door and grab a few moments of stress release
  • Feel instantly calmer and more grounded, in any location
  • This is also a safe, easy way to test out yoga to see if it works for you.

To enjoy a 20 minute chair-seated yoga practice, visit my website here or click below:

Would you like to learn how to combine this simple yoga practice with activities that will boost your FLOW? Download my FREE e-book and practice guide. Explore some of my favorite techniques!


Jodi Rose Gonzales ATR, NCC, RYT200. Jodi Rose is an artist, art therapist, author, yogi and coach whose mission is to empower people to achieve lasting personal change and breakthrough professional results. Using a unique evidence-based program informed by art therapy, positive psychology, neuroscience and yoga, Jodi shows her clients how to achieve peak performance, peace of mind, enhanced clarity, and improved creativity and focus. Jodi offers live and virtual presentations, group workshops, and retreat intensives. Follow Jodi Rose on Facebook Instagram or Linked In. For more information email or visit