My name is Jodi Rose Gonzales and I am an artist, art therapist, yoga teacher, and author. ⠀

About me: I have always been a daydream believer and a doer, someone with perspectives just outside of the norm. On the positive side of that, I excel at strategic thinking and problem solving. I have been awarded the title “visionary” on numerous occasions. On the negative side, I spent the first four decades of my life feeling like an outsider….I just couldn’t find a place to fit in.⠀

And so, achievements balanced loneliness. Outside successes balanced interior sadness. In my twenties and thirties, I fought against stifling fears and low self-esteem…and an inner critic that trumped any chance of true self-acceptance.⠀ ⠀

I looked everywhere for connection, camaraderie, authentic companionship. I first sought solace in the doctor’s office, but talk therapy and meds didn’t help. I tried to find tribe in the local party circuits, but substance use didn’t help or build the authentic bonds I was looking for. I even stayed at a former ashram to explore my spiritual development. Unfortunately, none of these things filled the heart-hole that needed filling.⠀

As it happened, while in graduate school to become an art therapist, I stumbled onto a couple of techniques that really worked. They connected me to an inner intelligence that had otherwise emerged only in fits and pieces over the years. I combined a couple of the techniques into a daily art journal practice, and my life began to transform. Since then,⠀

The combined practice of creativity and yoga has always allowed me to rise above my life’s hardest obstacles.

That is why I chose Jodi Rose as my brand name: it’s not because I love the flower. Jodi Rose is a past-tense sentence. Jodi Rose is my chosen name because through the combined practice of art and yoga, I conquered it all.

I have practiced and developed my methods for over a decade, and I have seen them work for hundreds of my clients. I'm delighted to share them with you now!

Artistic skill is NOT needed; in fact, most techniques are as easy as the common doodle.

My ability to help you comes from over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneurial artist, community leader, and helping professional. My programs are curated to offer the simplest and most profoundly effective techniques, all towards helping you feel happier, more prosperous, and fulfilled while you also see your goals into fruition.

Who I Work With

I share my methods with people who want to use fun, simple techniques to elevate their lives. I’ve worked with veterans and active military members; non-profit and academic leaders; people with chronic or terminal illness including HIV/AIDS and cancer; and everyday people who just want to feel more self-accepting and content.

My methods will help you:

  • Decrease chronic stress and anxiety;

  • Dissolve limiting beliefs, strong emotions, or a strong inner critic;

  • Develop your brand or business plan;

  • Feel more connected to your True Self.

The techniques will help you if you are:

  • a passionate professional who’s lost your WHY;

  • a creative entrepreneur whose lack of clarity surrounding your calling is so intense, it hurts.

  • someone who struggles with focus or task completion.

  • an emerging thought leader who feels emotionally blocked or too afraid to try.

  • in recovery from trauma, substance abuse, or an eating disorder.

  • looking for a fresh perspective on self-care and personal development.

If this sounds like YOU, I will show you how to activate your creativity for a better life.

I’ve been through all of those things, and so have a lot of my clients. I have developed unique systems that can resolve every one of these issues!

Are you curious about my methods? Explore the wonderdoodles in the  complimentary handbook  called  the Doodle’s Codebreaker .

Are you curious about my methods? Explore the wonderdoodles in the complimentary handbook called the Doodle’s Codebreaker.

One Last Thing

While our society likes to reward ingenuity and innovation, it can also stigmatize the highly creative and unique individual. I am here to tell you:

  • You are not a misfit.

  • Your innovative dreams and ideas are not stupid.

  • You do not have to be a starving artist.

  • If you believe it you can achieve it.

  • You must listen to your creative source; it is connected to a Universal Creative Conscience. If you don’t listen, you’ll experience anxiety, frustration, and depression.

  • You are meant to contribute something meaningful to the world.

You matter. Your ideas, talent and voice REALLY matter. Let’s work together to clarify your vision, develop your creative voice, and get your message into the world!

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Let's Work Together.