Your New Year's Resolution: Choose Clarity, Not Resolve

High Resolution = High Vibe!!

As you set this new year’s resolution, choose to frame your decisions from the resolution definition of CLARITY, not resolve. You’ll find that you will have a broader range of actions available to you towards achieving your goal, and therefore more flexibility and freedom.

In other words, if you want to become healthier or more fit or to lose weight with the new year, gain clarity around why you want that. Instead of the resolution to eat better, name your resolution as to feel more energetic, or to feel healthier and happier in your skin. Eating well or working out is a subcategory of that, and so are things like more rest, improved self expression, and more movement/exercise. It’s easier to define the smaller steps, more holistically, that will get you to your well being goals.

Pace Yourself with Small, Achievable Objectives

As always, set your objectives in small steps and you will achieve your resolution much more quickly than you would if you set far reaching goals through the lens of resolve.
Give it a shot! I’d love to hear your resolution!

Happy New Year!!

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