Hi! I’m Jodi. Welcome to Jodi Rose Studio!

My mission is to inspire and empower talented and amazing people just like you…using creativity and other proven techniques so that you can feel more expansive, resilient, and fulfilled in life and work.

My programs are designed to help you shed the layers of self-doubt, self-defense, stress, worry, and anything else that gets in the way of the joy of simply being YOU. If you're concerned that you’re not creative, no worries! We use techniques that are as easy as the common doodle. Artistic skills are NOT required to benefit from my programs.



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I Believe You Are Creative…Yes, YOU!


Creativity is dynamic, and it’s available to everyone. Yet, most people tend to place their creativity in a box, and then place it on a shelf….as if it were meant for another time, person, or place.

This can be a problem, because there is a direct correlation between CREATIVITY and POSSIBILITY.

When you box or shelf your creativity, you also close the door on possibility…and you LOSE the OPPORTUNITY to live your life to its full potential.

My job is to show you how to activate your creativity, so you can open to possibility, and live with greater purpose, freedom, and contentment.


My book The Doodle’s Code: Activate Your Creativity for Prosperity and a Better Life will be available soon! Click here to join my mailing list to receive Dream, Doodle, Flow: my twice monthly e-newsletter which includes blog posts, special announcements, product discounts, and other members-only creative goodies and tidbits!

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“I recently had the opportunity to participate in Jodi’s Creative Mastermind workshop. Let me tell you, the WonderDoodles changed my life....the wisdom of my pictures shared everything from cutting out caffeine to specific instructions on how to let go of my stress."    -Melissa Meyer, Psychotherapist and Reiki Practitioner 


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Once You Discover

how to activate your creativity using proven techniques that are based on your mind-body biology, you will find that it is EASY to restore vitality and become more prosperous and fulfilled by your work.


Creativity is Like a Light Switch

It amplifies the brightness in the world of possibility, and it is EASY to turn on. All you need are just a few simple techniques, a pencil and a piece of paper, and the PERMISSION to give your creativity a place in your life.


Life Without Possibility


Life without possibility is grey: you feel bored, frustrated, stuck or unfocused. You might also feel depressed or anxious.

Life With Possibility


Life with possibility is bright; you embrace the future. You feel HOPEFUL…and it is easy to view your life as an exciting opportunity for adventure.


“Jodi helped me connect with my higher self, define my ideal client, and clarify my brand...all in one sitting...her techniques were by far the most interesting and effective that I’ve ever experienced.”

- Jax Anderson, Psychotherapist, Professional Photographer, and Social Media Expert


My Methods

Have championed economic development projects, business and organizational change, and personal growth among artists, entrepreneurs, community leaders, and active military members.


You Can Open the Doors of Possibility Right Now:

My online courses show you how to unlock your creativity through clear instruction, artwork examples, and lots of opportunity for feedback and support. Plus, you’ll have ANYTIME ACCESS, and you can use the course content as often as you want!


Jumpstart Your Flow


Jumpstart Your Creative Flow is my #1 METHOD for immediately getting you out of the head and back into the realm of possibility. You’ll experience immediate benefits through a fusion of creativity (think, doodles) and relaxation techniques (chair yoga). This popular course has been shared in numerous venues ranging from business planning retreats to special events like the Tucson Yoga Festival.

Open 2 Flow


Open2Flow is a course I hold so close to my heart: this is the course for you if you feel shut down by limiting self talk, limiting beliefs or judgments, or a strong inner critic. In this course, I’ve packaged my favorite techniques so that you can reconnect with your strengths, your purpose, and your higher self. This course will help you find the FREEDOM and COURAGE to live your life in FLOW.

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Are you interested in working one-on-one? I have a limited number of VIP coaching spaces opening soon. Contact Me to explore how we can use creativity to achieve your dreams and goals.

I have lots of custom options, so you can avoid the cookie-cutter programming and lack of accessibility that is inherent to most other wellness or business coaching programs. Work with me here.

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Join Me LIVE!

Join me for Creative Mastermind LIVE on Facebook as I share breakthrough techniques and art prompts. Don’t miss out! Join my VIP mailing list here.

About Me


I arrive in communities, organizations, and in people’s lives when they are ready for the next big thing, or feeling stuck. Together, we take things to a whole new level.

With an openness to possibility and a deep trust in the creative process, I show people how to flip the creative switch in a lighthearted, accessible, and very effective way…that results in measurable improvements for my clients. My methods have earned several awards with the word visionary in the title.        

All this, and I don’t even draw that well. Seriously.

You’ll see in my portfolio that I build things. As far as painting and drawing goes, my stick figures look weird and my paintings are pretty terrible. But, I NEVER let ugly paintings or the definition of what an artist is supposed to be stop me from creative self-expression or living a life of possibility. And you shouldn’t, either.

Even if you think you’re not an artist, creativity has an imperative place in your life. Join me, and I’ll show you how to use it for personal breakthrough. Everything you need is available to you: your WonderDoodles will show you what to do, and I’m here to teach you.

Jodi Rose Gonzales  Atr, Ncc, Ryt200 is an award-winning artist; credentialed art therapist And counselor; and certified yoga instructor whose projects transform Lives.

Jodi Rose Gonzales Atr, Ncc, Ryt200 is an award-winning artist; credentialed art therapist And counselor; and certified yoga instructor whose projects transform Lives.



The Latest and Greatest from My Studio

Creative process ALWAYS mirrors life. This is something I’ve always been aware of, and is further emphasized in my work as an art therapist and yoga teacher. I LOVE surfing the metaphors of art and yoga, to reach deeper into the work, and into myself. The messages flow directly into my work with YOU. Enjoy!

PS, for a taste of my completed sculpture and jewelry design, visit my portfolio here.

View more Studio Musings and videos on Jodi Rose YouTube.


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