Are you looking to dissolve negative mindsets, improve your resilience, or elevate your personal/professional life? Let’s work together one-on-one!

I love to teach people how to activate their creativity towards taking their lives, their goals, and their work to entirely new levels. Together, we’ll identify your goals, define clear steps to achieve your goals, and work to resolve the your negative mindsets and other mental obstacles.

Who I Work With

I’ve helped some clients flip the creative switch for personal growth, and deep inner work such as overcoming trauma, addiction, or eating disorder. I’ve also shown entrepreneurs and community leaders how to use creativity for things like team building, brand development and strategic planning. My clients experience measurable improvements because they have opened to possibility and were willing to flip the creative switch in their time of need. I just showed them how!

I work with individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations. Contact me today to discuss how we can work together.

Here are some common themes among the individuals that I work with:


Stress, Anxiety, and Burnout


Busy schedules, multitasking, home life, work & social media. When life pulls you in too many directions, it's easy to become anxious or burnt out. Yoga will help improve concentration and ability to slow down; art therapy can provide insight and other stress-reducing strategies. I will help you restore balance, and establish a personal wellness practice to help you maintain that balance.

Strong Emotions and Overwhelm


Grief, sadness, fear, worry, shame, guilt, regret. We all experience these very normal feelings, but they're not comfortable…and therefore easy to push away. Strong or unresolved emotions gets stored in your body as stress, and can manifest as mental and physical illness. I will show you how to gently address and transform your strong emotions towards improved resilience and emotional health.

Transitions & New Life Directions


Career changes, relocation, marriage, divorce, the death of a loved one, the birth or addition of a family member. Your body is not wired to know the difference between good and bad change!! When life happens too much outside the norm, even 'positive' changes can cause stress or worry! My methods will help you stay relaxed and grounded; I will help you gain insight as you move through your transition.

...I found access to a level of wisdom that was both sweet and surprising!
— Tamar
...I have learned a new way to heal, a new way to connect with myself. You have inspired me to challenge myself, look within, and fight for a better, more sustainable life.
— G.
I love Jodi’s methods. I feel inspired and excited to have received practical tools and advice.
— Kristina