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I will show you how to use techniques that are proven to be effective based on how the brain and nervous system work….and that are easy enough for ANYONE to do (even a “non-creative” person, if you think that’s you).

These techniques have proven biological benefits that reduce stress, improve self-confidence, and help people develop a more positive outlook. In my experience they also improve problem solving skills, increase resilience, expand strategic insights, and help people overcome internal and external life obstacles.

Artistic skill is NOT needed; in fact, most techniques are as easy as the common doodle.

My ability to help you comes from over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneurial artist, community leader, and helping professional. My programs are curated to offer the simplest and most profoundly effective techniques, all towards helping you feel happier, more prosperous, and fulfilled while you also see your goals into fruition.

Who I Work With

  • Show me the passionate professional who’s lost her WHY;

  • Show me the creative entrepreneur or game changer whose lack of clarity surrounding their creative calling is so intense, it hurts.

  • Show me the person who’s got it all going on but who seems to always get stuck at the 85% solution.

  • Show me the next thought leader who’s emotionally blocked and too afraid to step out, or to try.

If this sounds like YOU, I will show you how to break through.

I’ve been through all of those things, and so have a lot of my clients. I have developed a unique system that will resolve every one of these issues!

One Last Thing

While our society likes to reward ingenuity and innovation, it can also stigmatize the highly creative and unique individual. I am here to tell you:

  • You are not a misfit.

  • Your innovative dreams and ideas are not stupid.

  • You do not have to be a starving artist.

  • If you believe it you can achieve it.

  • You must listen to your creative source; it is connected to a Universal Creative Conscience. If you don’t listen, you’ll experience anxiety, frustration, and depression.

  • You are meant to contribute something meaningful to the world.

You matter. Your ideas, talent and voice REALLY matter. Let’s work together to clarify your vision, develop your creative voice, and get your message into the world!

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Let's Work Together.