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Jumpstart Your Flow

THIS IS MY #1 METHOD for getting you out of your head while boosting your Creative Mojo.

  • Do you sometimes experience high stress, burnout or overwhelm?

  • Are you looking for resources that will rejuvenate and inspire you?

  • Would you like to experience a new form of creative play?


I will show you how to feel instantly more relaxed and creative using proven techniques that are fun, simple and easy enough for ANYONE to do.


Open 2 Flow


I'll show you how to find the FREEDOM and COURAGE to follow your Creative Calling and Live Your Life in FLOW.

  • Do you have a Creative Calling that remains so illusive that sometimes it hurts?

  • Do your projects get stuck at the 85% solution?

  • Are you so burnt out or overwhelmed that you've begun to question your WHY?

  • Are you the next influencer, but fear makes it too hard to put yourself out there, or makes it too hard to try?


I will lead you to a creative breakthrough using proven techniques that are fun, simple, and easy enough for ANYONE to do.


I loved Jodi’s course. I feel inspired and excited to have received practical tools and advice.
— Kristina, Student


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