The YogaDoodles


About the YogaDoodles

The YogaDoodles are a fusion of creativity and yoga wisdom teachings. Used alongside your regular yoga practice, they will help you form a deeper connection to your True Self.

What the YogaDoodles Do for You

Whether you are a seasoned yogi or a person who is new to yoga, the combination of creativity and yoga can offer major benefits:

  • Break through the mental resistance that occurs during yoga class;

  • Dissolve the stress and distractions that prevent you from being focused on your mat;

  • Experience yoga as a bridge to your true self;

  • Cultivate trust in your inner voice and intuition.


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How it Works

The YogaDoodles are comprised of a five-step process. First, you will do a brief doodle before your yoga practice. Second, you’ll set an intention; third, you’ll practice yoga. Fourth, you will complete a brief doodle after your yoga practice. Finally, you will use a technique called processing to articulate the symbolic meaning of your second doodle. Think of processing as a way of deciphering your doodle’s code!

The YogaDoodles Will Work for YOU


I have shared the YogaDoodles with veterans and active military members; non-profit and academic leaders; people with chronic or terminal illness including HIV/AIDS and cancer; and everyday people who just want more from life, or their yoga.

The YogaDoodles are effective because they are based on your mind-body biology. Informed by a unique fusion of art therapy, positive psychology, neuroscience and yoga, they help you address chronic stress and stress symptoms; anxiety; depression; overwhelm and burnout.

The YogaDoodles also support any type of mental health recovery work including substance abuse and eating disorder recovery; PTSD and trauma recovery; and general self-care and personal development.

The YogaDoodles work for people at any level of yoga practice, as well. They help the beginning student to “get” what yoga is about beyond the poses, and they help the more experienced yoga practitioner to take yoga’s teachings off the mat and into life.

Detach, Observe, Learn

When you can unhook from the constant stream of mental reactions that yoga poses can trigger, and instead observe your mind’s reactions in relation to the poses, you will begin to deepen your yoga practice. Think of this as observing your mental reactions and patterns in the same way that you observe clouds moving across the sky: with curiosity, intrigue, and relative objectivity.

In time, you will begin to realize that you are not your thoughts. You will realize that your reactions to challenges within the poses (on the mat) are very similar to your reactions to situations in life (off of the mat). You will begin to gain control over your knee-jerk mental reactions. You will start to connect more with yourself as the observer, and you will cultivate more self-acceptance and compassion. Here, you can begin to appreciate the full depth and breadth of teachings (and benefits) that yoga has to offer.


Doodling Will Deepen Your Yoga Practice


You don’t have to grunt, sweat, or fight with yourself to develop the skills of self-observation. Fortunately, there is a creative way to facilitate a gentle, fluid, and natural transition into a deeper yoga practice.  This method can help you whether you are a beginning student, or the most seasoned practitioner. All you need is a pencil and piece of paper; about five minutes before and after your yoga practice; and the willingness to allow your yoga to speak to you through a visual image: an image so simple, it doesn’t have to be any more sophisticated than the common scribble or doodle.

Happily, the YogaDoodles are easy enough for anyone to do, even a self-described non-creative person, if you think that’s you.

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